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What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

do u mean excited


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  • partner: you be the teacher ill be the student ;)
  • me: okay
  • me: write an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. i want it on my desk by monday
  • partner: oh no but... thats such a hard essay... is there anything i can do for extra credit? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: but professor.... surely then i could... persuade you to extend the deadline...? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: so... what do you want, professor?? ;)))
  • me: an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. on my desk. by monday
That time you confused a lesson for a soulmate.
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*wakes up from coma*

mom: great now that you’re awake you can do those chores i asked you to do 

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"Girls who say they like superheroes are lying so boys will-"


"Girls who wear superhero shirts are attention seeking they just want boys to like th-"


"Girls only want to go to Comic Con so they can dress slutty so boys will-"


"Girls who say they like anything are only trying to get boys to-"


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If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring

holy fucking shit

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food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work for a living” carries the implication that some people deserve to die

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